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It all begins with you. Tell me a little bit about your story, any ideas you've had including any notes about the characters and genre.

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The more you tell me about what you have in mind, the better I can do by providing you with a story map that better matches your idea. I can’t read your mind. You have to provide me with as many details as you can about the idea you have for your story so that I can do the best job I can for you.

Storymap by Tracy
This is only so that we can speak to you specifically about your order and talk to you about the details of your book.
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Include as many genres and sub-genres as you see fit. ie: Epic Fantasy, Spy Thriller, Paranormal Romance, Sci-Fi Alien Romance, Young Adult Dystopian, Dark Romance, Crime Thriller, Horror, Crime Action and Adventure.
If you aren't 100% sure I can provide you with a variety of options when I submit my first book summary draft for review and you can pick from there.
Tell me what you want your story to be about. The more that you tell me, the more likely I am to be able to give you a story map you will love, that perfectly fits your vision.
Keep in mind the age range of your book doesn't mean other people wont' read it. Just look at the Harry Potter books, which are categorized as middle-grade books, but that doesn't stop peopel from all ages from enjoying them. The audience age group is just to help determine the overall structure of the story.
I, me, my, mine, myself, we, our, ours, ourselves — First person. You, your, yours, yourself — Second person. She, her, hers, herself, he, him, his, himself, they, them, themselves, their, theirs — Third person.
This is not required but if you have something in mind that you want to make sure I include, now is the perfect time to tell me about it.
This is not required but if you have something in mind as far as any characters in your story goes like the main female character should be named Allie, she has blonde hair and blue eyses. This is where you provide me that information.

Author Bio Bonus

When it comes time to publish your book you'll want to make sure you have an amazing bio. Provide me with what you have in mind (below) and I'll help you improve it. Don't overthink it. Just strick with the basics and tell me a bit about yourself.
Your author bio is a great place to brag about your accolades! Sharing your achievements can help readers understand why you are qualified to write about your subjects. Make sure to include any awards or honors. If you aren't sure what your bio should include go to Amazon and look at what the author bios say from books that you like to read. You shouldn't include more than a paragraph and itcould include things such as information about you as a writer, your credentials, your interests, or other relevant information you want to shrare with your target audience. An example could be like Jayne Doe loves to writes sophisticated romance and spy thrillers. In her spare time she loves to run and collects postage stamps from around the world. She's happily married and is the mother of identical twin girls.
I work hard to provide you with a lot of work to help bring your story to life. Understand that this takes a lot of time and as such once your order has been delievered there will be no refunds for services rendered.
This is _not_ a recurring subscrption. There is nothing to cancel. This is for the purchase of a single item. There are no monthly fees. Once your order is place you'll, and you've provided all of the information needed to get started on your story map report, you should have your first summary to approve within a couple of business days. This is why it's important that you make sure your email address that you provide us is accurate.