What Services I Offer

What if you could get your entire novel outlined in just 1 day?

What if, within just 1 day, you had clarity on ALL of the core elements of your story…
✅ The concept…
✅ The protagonist…
✅ The antagonist…
✅ The supporting characters…
✅ The story structure…
✅ The setting…
And more…
That way, when you actually sit down to write…

It's Almost Like Fill in The Blanks Fill in The Blanks Fill in The Blanks Fill in The Blanks Fill in The Blanks

The benefit of having these key elements mapped out is ….

✅100% clarity on the direction of your book.
✅No more being overwhelmed.
✅No more “blank page syndrome.”

Just the experience of getting “lost” in your own story while writing 😊
If you’re a novelist (or aspire to be) but find the “writing part” a grind, I can help.

What You'll Get

I offer an all-in-one story map service. This means you tell me what kind of book you want to write (ie: Spy Thriller) and a few details about what you have in mind and I’ll provide you with my story map package. From there it really is just a matter of you filling in the blanks to write your story.

Within the first few days I’ll send you back a summary of the story and a detailed book outline. This is the time you can make any changes or adjustments to the story that you want. Once you approve the story summary and overall outline, I’ll get to work writing the outline for each chapter. When I send you the final package you’ll have a step by step guide of exactly what you need to do. It’s almost like fill in the blanks.

To start, simply share your desired genre (be it a spy thriller, paranormal romance, or anything in between) and any specific ideas or details you have for your book. The more information you provide, the more accurately I can tailor an outline that truly captures your vision.

I’ll provide you with everything you need to write your masterpiece. I’ll even help you write your author profile for Amazon for when you are ready to publish your book.

No more writer’s block! One of the most significant challenges writers face is getting stuck in the middle of their writing journey, often called “writer’s block.” Having an outline and understanding the key elements of your story beforehand can provide the direction you need to keep the words flowing.

You can also click here to download a story map report (PDF) from a story called Deep Space Academy (a middle school sci-fi fantasy). This way, you’ll know exactly what you’ll get in full detail. Keep in mind that your report will be based on YOUR story idea. 

Storymap by Tracy

Ever wondered how best selling authors write so fast?

Bestselling authors aren’t necessarily faster typists; they’re faster because they have a plan. With the help of story mapping, you can significantly speed up your writing process. By having your entire story laid out before you type a single word, you’re essentially “filling in the blanks,” allowing you to complete your manuscript in a fraction of the time it would typically take.

I don’t write the story for you. What I do is help you map it all out so that you have everything you need in place to bring your story to life.  Even seasoned authors can lose track of story elements, resulting in plot holes, inconsistent character behavior, or poorly structured narratives. Story mapping helps ensure that your story stays cohesive and well-structured from start to finish, ultimately improving the quality of your work.

Whether you’re an experienced writer or a complete beginner, this service has something for you. My story mapping service is designed to adapt to your needs, offering a customized experience that can help generate story ideas, flesh out characters, and build a compelling narrative structure. This adaptability makes it an invaluable tool for writers at all levels of expertise.

Storycraft by Tracy is a comprehensive solution for more efficient, structured, and creative writing.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are the answers to some of my most frequently asked questions. If you don’t see the answer you are looking for here, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly.

No I’m not really a graphics artist and when it comes to creating the perfect cover there are already so many wonderful people out there who can do a much better job than me at designing you the perfect cover for your book.

Once your order is processed you can start working on things immediately.  Depending on how much you already have for your book you could have your outline completed within a day.

Absolutely. If you only have a rough idea of what you want, I can work with you on a few twists and turns before turning over your final order which will include your book summary, detailed outline, main character introduction and chapter beats.

No this is not a ghostwriting service. I’m here to help you bring YOUR story to life by giving you what you need to complete your book. Think of what I give you as a starting point and with the help of the chapter beats you just sort of fill in the blanks. But in the end it’s still YOUR story, YOUR words, I just sort of help give you structure so you know what to do next.

That’s okay. It’s your story. It should be how you want it to be. You can change any part of your outline that you want. I give you something to get you started – think of it as a roadmap. Sometimes you will need to make change because it’s not how you truly invisioned the story and you only realized it after I turned over what I created for you. Anything and everything can be changed it is your story after all.

I’ve made some changes to the outline and that means some major changes will need to be made to the chapter outlines. Can you do that for me?

Only if you is before you approve the inital story summary and outline. If you make the changes after, you’ll need to pay a small fee to update the chapter beats after your order is complete. Please contact me directly to discuss your specific needs.

That’s up to you. I’m open to working with you on any of the many genres and sub-genres of books. If you can sell the book on Amazon, then I can help you with that. And it doesn’t have to be just one genre either. I mean does any book really fit into one genre perfectly? I personally love a good contemporary alpha-male billionaire adult romance, which falls into four subgenres of the main “romance” genre. 



Of course! I want you to know exactly what you are getting, so let me show you some outlines I’ve written in a variety of different genres.

You can also click here to download a story map report from a made-up story called Deep Space Academy (a middle school sci-fi fantasy). This way, you’ll know exactly what you’ll get in full detail. Keep in mind that your report will be based on YOUR story idea. 

It’s a sample report based on what your own story map will look like once your order is complete. Your story map will include chapter beats for all chapters of your book. This sample includes the overall book outline, three character profiles, and a chapter outline for the first six chapters of the story so that you can get a good idea of exactly what you’re getting with your order of a “story map.” Your order will also include an Amazon author biography, a press release for your book, and a suggested Facebook post to announce the release of your book when you are ready to publish it.